At Fincadia, we provide a holistic approach to wealth management. We understand that there is no “one-size fits all” solution to achieving your financial goals. Everything should be a work-in-progress and customized to fit your unique situation. As an Independent Financial Advisor, we are not tied to any one investment company which means we have many tools at our disposal. Through numerous institutional networks, we have access to thousands of mutual funds, hundreds of money managers and other unique alternative investments. No matter what the situation brings, we have a wide variety of strategies to implement.

WHY CHOOSE Fincadia Capital Partners?

    • Independence enables us to provide a wide range of investments at the leading edge of sophistication with a high degree of objectivity.
    • Our selective client base allows for improved personalized service. This group consists of high net worth families, CEO’s of public and private corporations, medical professionals, endowments, foundations, family owned businesses and individuals with complex trusts.
    • We utilize a value-based approach with emphasis on capital preservation and income. This is accomplished through the firm discipline of understanding the downside risk as well as the upside potential of each investment.
    • All analysis is done internally. We do not rely on Wall Street opinions or firm driven approved lists. We utilize individual stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, structured products and alternative investments as appropriate for each client situation.
    • Our emphasis is on wealth preservation and multi-generational planning. We can also assist with insurance, annuities and employee benefit programs.