Our Process

    • Phase I: Discovery

      During this phase, we begin the process of understanding you, your situation, your goals, and the existing financial programs you have in place. Our focus is to understand where you’ve been and where you want to go so we can build a financial roadmap that accomplishes your most important life goals. Phase II: Strategy

    • Phase II: Strategy

      During this phase, after considerable analysis of your situation, we develop a custom tailored roadmap that is designed to simplify your life and your financial actions in order to accomplish your financial goals. We spend considerable time in communicating the roadmap and listening to your feedback so that the ultimate product is a collaborative effect bringing simplicity to your life and success to your financial dreams.

    • Phase III: Implementation

      During this phase, we move forward to establish the financial programs indicated by your new roadmap. By means of frequent communication and our highly skilled staff, we desire to make this process easy and understandable for you.

    • Phase IV: Monitoring and Adjusting

      During this phase, we recognize the need to have consistent contact so that you can understand the progress you are making toward your goals. We would recommend appropriate periodic face-to-face meetings per year to review your roadmap, and additionally, we will provide quarterly updates for your financial programs. It’s important that we are near the top of your contact list when material changes occur, and in addition to the face-to-face meetings, we like to be in contact by phone during the year. We also welcome your calls or requests to get together.