Every day we help advisors, just like you, reach their unique vision of success and capitalize on every opportunity along the way. The first step is easy---just reach out to a Fincadia recruiter. Once you’re connected, Fincadia's business development representatives will reach out to get a clearer view of how we at Fincadia can best serve you and answer any questions you have about how we work with our advisors. If you’re ready to realize your business’ highest potential, we’re here to help. Find an office in your area to start a confidential conversation or send an email to info@fincadia.com.

Investment transitions

  • Your book of business reflects a tradition of client care. That’s why your Fincadia Investment Transitions Consulting team will help ensure your clients’ assets are transferred seamlessly and efficiently. We clear through the following clearing agents to make the process as simple and seamless as possible for you and your clients.

    • National Financial (Fidelity/FCCS)
    • Pershing LLC
    • Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services (FIWS)
    • Pershing Advisory Services (PAS)
    • TD Ameritrade
    • Schwab
    • Interactive Brokers
    • MorningStar
    • AXOS

Transforming the investment transition process

  • Because your book of business is really the chapter in the lives of so many, Fincadia takes the same care and expertise to transition those assets to your partnership with us. Look to your Investment Transition Consulting team for:

    • Dedicated assistance and support
    • Asset mapping to Fincadia platforms
    • Consultation for non-transferable assets and proprietary products
    • Comprehensive practice analysis for growth opportunities
    • Seamless and secure transition
    • Regulatory Disclosure Support